Lancome Rose Highlighter DIY!!!

OMG guys, I’m dying over this right now .. isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid eyes on?!

OK, so the Lancome La Rose a Poudrer – AKA Lancome Rose Highlighter – that everyone has been going absolutely crazy for on social media, is out of stock already!

And from what I’ve seen of it, it gives a very subtle glow in a pinky pearlescent shade. It’s also very light and quite brightening, so I’m not sure how well it would work on warm or dark skin. I’m warm toned and I’ve gold and pink so I’ve tailored this to create my very own ROSE GOLD ROSE HIGHLIGHTER haha! You could definitely choose whatever colour suits you best, but I’m all about the bright, poppin highlighter and I don’t think the Lancome highlighter could have given me that so here is how to DIY the Lancome version….

PS.. the jar and rose were from Dunelm, but similar are readily available in homeware stores and you can get the rubbing alcohol and probably even the primer, highlighter and facial spray from Amazon – try and get the Mario Badescu one though, not only because it’s amazing, but because it smells of roses so it so perfect and cute for this hack!



Claire xoxo


Author: justsoflo

Lifestyle, mummy, fashion and beauty blogger/vlogger enjoying my little space online xx

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